Founder and product developer, Tameca Morris, is a Holistic Esthetician and that aims to treat the whole person, not just your skin complaint. Skin health is not just about what topical products you use! She prefers to give you a complete approach, with lifestyle advice, nutrition for skin, and exercise for anti-ageing and stress reduction techniques.


She developed natural skin care products that combat free radicals and directly targets skin care issues such as acne, redness, dry skin, and wrinkles. Knowing the body and how it works is essential in the development of an effective skin care product.  Her products promote muscle stimulation, blood circulation and aids in the acceleration of cell turnover, bringing your skin to life.  Everything is hand-made and produced in small batches.   

Tameca started her skin care line in 2011 with a plan to target people that could not afford quality natural skin care products.  She found that so many people are misinformed about their skin which leads them to purchase products that do not give them the results they hoped for.  Her complimentary hands-on skin care classes proved beneficial for both adults and teens.  With a new customer base in Europe, Tameca is working hard to bring Anja Natural Skin Care's hands-on classes to other countries as well.  

Having a proper skin care routine is just as important as dental and personal hygiene, and that is something that we strive to help everyone understand... 

"It doesn't matter if your hair and nails are done, new outfit and new shoes on point, if your skin isn't clean and clear, then your entire look is incomplete."  - Tameca "Anja" Morris



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